Arts Partnership Program Application


At this time, ONLY SCHOOLS IN THE FAYETTE COUNTY, KENTUCKY PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR ARTS PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM SUPPORT. Schools are provided the opportunity to determine how their proposals can best be used to enhance and stimulate their arts & humanities education programming. In order to receive full partnership support, each school must inform the African American Forum, Inc. (AAF):

  • How the Arts Partnership Program support will be used (description of the initiative or program, arts field trip, arts supplies, etc.);
  • The arts category into which the planned initiative falls: performing, visual or literary arts;

Categories descriptions

    • Performing Arts: Projects relating to theatre, dance and/or music
    • Visual Arts: Projects involving drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts, film and/or photography
    • Literary Arts: Projects that include creative writing (poetry, short stories, etc.)
  • How the planned initiative ties into the school's core curriculum;
  • Percentage of students that receive free or reduced lunch (overall percentage must be 75% or higher);
  • Schools most recent Commonwealth Accountability Testing System (CATS) scores (over the most recently combined two- (2) year period) or results from the current system of reporting performance results as developed by the Kentucky Department of Education;
  • The number of students that will benefit from the planned initiative;
  • Anticipated results from the planned initiative;
  • Outcomes of the initiative upon completion. The outcomes measurement should include, but not be limited to: brief written essays by the students about the arts initiative and what it meant to them.

The above information should be provided by the arts and/or humanities teacher in charge of the planned arts initiative and approved by the school's principal.


The maximum partnership investment per school, per school year is $3,000. Partnership investments will be distributed in two- (2) installments: the first installment will be awarded at an annual News Conference convened on the last Thursday in February; the second installment will be disbursed upon completion of the project or program and documented outcomes have been reported to the AAF. PLEASE NOTE: Documented outcome reporting is a key and required element for participation in the Arts Partnership Program. Submission of an Arts Partnership Program Support application indicates your agreement to provide to the AAF documented outcome information on how the partnership investment support was used to benefit as many students as possible who attend your school.


For projects or programs to be implemented during the 2013-2014 school year

  • Deadline for submitting an Arts Partnership Program Support request-----December 31, 2021
  • Beneficiary schools announced, first installment of Arts Partnership Program Support awarded-----February 28, 2021
  • Documented outcomes and supporting materials submitted and remaining installment disbursed-----April 30, 2021


  1. Review the above Arts Partnership Program Support Guidelines.
  2. Obtain approval from your school principal to apply for Arts Partnership Program Support.
  3. Complete and submit the online application form.

If you are an arts and/or humanities teacher at a Fayette County, Kentucky Public Elementary School (FCPS) and wish to apply for Arts Partnership Program Support, please fill out our online application form below.


If you are an arts teacher at a Fayette County, Kentucky Public Elementary School (FCPS), please complete the form in its entirety.

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