A Vision of Unity for our Community

African American Forum Endowment Fund

For more than twenty years, the African American Forum has placed an emphasis on unity in the word Community. We are committed to developing programs that support and highlight the artistic, cultural and educational achievements of African Americans. Net proceeds from all of our current events and programs are invested into the African American Forum Endowment Fund within the Blue Grass Community Foundation. It is through this fund that the organizations charitable assets benefit the Arts Partnership Program at inner-city and rural Elementary Schools with the Lexington-Bluegrass Region.

Bringing the Vision to Life

We are committed to bringing our vision of cultural diversity and inclusion to fruition but we cannot do it without your help! We ask that you consider making a donation to our Endowment Fund. We also request that you help us spread the word and engage the Lexington-Bluegrass regional community in helping us realize our dream. Your contribution to the African American Forum Endowment Fund represents more than just a financial commitment. Every donation, no matter how large or small helps address the arts, cultural diversity and inclusion challenges that exist in our community! It is only through the support of our entire community that our vision can be realized annually. So LEX Do It and continue to bring Unity to our Community!

CLICK HERE to donate online, and for information on how to donate by phone or mail.

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