About Us

The African American Forum is a non-profit arts and cultural organization based in Lexington, Kentucky. The organization is committed to presenting programs that celebrate the African American experience. Not only is the African American Forum involved in arts performances and events such as the African American Ball, it is also committed to giving back to the community through arts programming and outreach to inner city and rural elementary schools, opportunities for volunteer service, and collaborative efforts to address quality of life issues that impact the African American community.

For over twenty (20) years, the African American Forum has served the community and is now one of the largest African American arts and cultural organizations in the region. More importantly, the organization remains committed to its tradition of excellence in "Sharing the African American Experience!"

Message From Our Founders

The African American Forum was established over twenty (20) years ago to address the Lexington-Bluegrass region's limited arts and cultural offerings that reflected the African American experience. We believe in sharing the African American experience not only to foster pride and broaden opportunities for African Americans, but also to bring about understanding and appreciation of those outside our immediate culture. We are both thrilled and humbled by the community's response and support of our vision.

History has not always reflected and documented the artistic, cultural and educational achievements of African American's. The African American Forum's mission to promote this awareness by inspiring African Americans to dream and dare to be great! It also educates those outside the African American community with positive images and messages communicated through the arts.

The arts allow each of us to view life from another perspective. By sharing the African American experience, we allow individuals to embrace music, dance, painting, sculpting, and poetry reflective of the African American culture. By sharing experiences reflective of African American culture, we encourage individuals to embrace diversity and, in doing so, create a greater culture. A united culture. We place our emphasis on unity in the word Community!

We aspire to unlock imaginations and open doors to new ways of thinking. By promoting awareness of the artistic, cultural and educational achievements of African Americans to the surrounding community, we hope to cause individuals to at least pause, think and reflect about the diversity of the world, as well as everyday life.

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